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duminică, 13 martie 2011

Bibi and his first spring

Spring has finally come to Mangalia and it is delightful to see Bibi discover all the things around him. He is already a 9 months old boy who has begun to grow again - he is now able to stand up without help and take solid steps, when being supported. During the steroid therapy his growth had halted and he presented the specific physical characteristics of someone taking steroids.
I can`t believe time has gone by so fast. It feels like yesterday - this time last year - when I was waiting impatiently for his arrival. Now, there is something new every day: he knows to get his cheek close to my lips when I ask for a kiss, he is arguing with us in baby talk and even takes over the conversation when he feels like it.
This Tuesday he had his 10th blood transfusion and next week will do extensive analysis that will show the iron concentration in his blood, accumulated in the last months. It will be a hard day for us. The good news is that he did not get any disease inherent to blood transfusion ( eg. hepatitis), but as long as he is transfusion dependent, he will be in danger.
While I was writing this post I got a message that Bibi`s story was published on
There is an error, the human body can stand 300 transfusion, not 30 - but they are both friends and enemies: friends because they save our child each month and enemies because they are the reason for iron overcharge, iron that will eventually interfere with the body`s major organs - especially in a highly developing organism such as is that of a 9 month old
Thak you Lala and thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Cabral!
Have a great spring and may you find joy in all the small gestures of your dear ones around you, as we cherish each second that we spend with Bibi`s smile.

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